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Lisa Laubreaux

posted by Amber Weaver November 28, 2016

Exploring the realms of set design, installations and illustration is French Illustrator Lisa Laubreaux. Through each discipline, Laubreaux develops multidisciplinary experiences with a unique experimental and artistic approach that drives her to use a variety of mediums and techniques throughout her work. Since graduating from Duperré school of Paris, in fashion and environment (DSAA Mode & environnement), Lisa co-founded the Super Groupe collective with Pablo Grand Mourcel. Currently flying solo, she’s now working freelance for a range of different cliental. In addition to her usual practise, Laubreaux also runs participatory workshops in museums and festivals, having always enjoyed the educational aspect of the creative industry.In Laubreaux’s own work she adopts several different printing techniques such as printmaking, screenprinting and risograph. Her illustration style grants a particular care to the composition and balance by working with free materials (charcoal, lead or pencil) before defining the strokes, using the nib or the pencil, and finally bringing in digital tools. Drawing inspiration from the popular conceptions of daily life, Labreaux feeds coloured aesthetics with a simple stroke to transpose with a playful touch, the world she lives in.Lisa is one of our newest vendor additions to Department Store. Her items include a collaboration between herself and X Fake Paper and risographs, all of which are signed by the artist. You can now check out her printed works below or here!

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