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posted by Amber Weaver October 6, 2016

New to the weird and wonderful world of illustration is Lottie Hughes, a UK based illustrator who has a passion for bananas and an even deeper love for drawing. After studying fine art, Lottie had to find a way to fund her practise. Having a studio and buying art materials became harder and harder, therefore a new practical way of working was conceived. Focusing on her love for drawing, which has always been the essence of her work. Lottie taught herself to work in the digital software Illustrator, learning how to create vectors and shapes to incorporate into her pieces. “Now using Illustrator as a tool to express myself is my favourite form of communication. In the last year I feel like I have really discovered myself as an illustrator and now have my own identity and style” says Hughes.

women and plants

APARTAMENTO FINThis quirky designer doesn’t go a day without doodling, sketchbooks being the starting point of all her digital illustrations. Lottie’s designs are mainly completed with colour pencil’s and ink, colour being the main tool used to create her narratives, sketching what she see’s or feels. From a sketchbook, the drawings are taken into computer and recreated as digital drawings.

d terraceInspired by what she sees around her, compositions can be fictional or non-fictional, a mix of both, taking elements of real life and then interpreting them into imagined spaces of her own. Depicting playful scenario’s of everyday life from furniture to people who interest and spark curiosity. For example Hugh tells us “Azure blue is a firm favourite [colour] of mine and resonates throughout my work. It reminds me of the Mediterranean and has a sense of calm but also ferociousness to it”bathroom cityscapes 3A recent commission of this designers work includes Say Hi To Magazine. A great publication that showcases designers; especially furniture and interior design. Lottie was commissioned to collaborate with a Parisian studio called POOL and interpret their furniture into her interior illustrations.

CHAIR PATTERN apartamento 2b



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