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posted by George Wheeler January 30, 2014

New Is New are a Lithuanian design agency claiming ‘there’s only one field we are working in – Creativity’. Among their broad range of fields, branding is something I feel NIN excel in. The Identity for fine dining restaurant, Stebuklai (Lithuanian for ‘Wonders’) is spot on, complimenting the restaurant’s haute cuisine perfectly. From menu to wallpaper, every component of the restaurants branding evolves the identity further, reflecting on the adventurous, playful nature of the food. The meticulous illustrations of fungi, nuts, berries and other organic produce links to the restaurants use of rare, sourced ingredients.

New Is New write ‘This is our first go at creating not only the name and concept, but working with interior designers, all the way up to every piece that clientele might interact with. Everything kickstarted by truly great food’ It is nice to learn that great food can inspire illustrators, interior designers and branding agencies alike.

George Wheeler

George Wheeler

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