The Print Wagon by Aidan Saunders

posted by Anna Chayasatit December 3, 2014

The Print Wagon is a charming automobile dedicated to touring all of illustrator, linocut artist and printmaker Aidan Saunders’s work to a national print fanatics across Britain. Saunders decided to start out this extraordinary journey earlier in April and since then he has traveled over 7,000 miles across the country, showcasing his freshly-pressed prints in many different places including No Guts No Glory in Devon, Plymouth and Southport Colleges and rumour has it that he is scheduled to stop off at the upcoming London Illustration Fair this Friday.

Born and bred in South Wales, Saunders derived this idea while he was a student at Camberwell College of Arts developing his school project, the Memorial Emporium. Since then, he has been producing hand-printed screen-prints from the back of his magic hand-painted VW caddy. We totally support this illustration prodigy on his journey full of imagination and creation as well as this interactive print experience. We encourage you to go meet him in person this Friday – and we hope you enjoy!

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