Graduate Print Awards 2015 :: Beatrice Bless of New North Press’s Advice for Grads

posted by Anna Chayasatit September 8, 2015

For those of you who are seeking employment, you might want to stop googling for an ultimate guide to writing artful emails for a bit and read this useful tip for fine-tuning your job search skills from New North Press’s partner and typography fanatic ‘Beatrice Bless’. In reality, we might spend a disproportionate amount of time online hoping to land our dream job. But today, Beatrice would like to share a valuable insight from her perspective. And we really think it’s worth having a read!

First established in 1986, ‘New North Press’ now serves as a platform for discussion of traditionally crafted letterpress. They also provide regular workshops to pass on the knowledge and work on commissioned projects for clients of all sizes with an aim to keep the craft of letterpress alive. They also produce their own print editions and books which they exhibit and sell in UK and Japan.

“We’d recommend visiting people in person to show your work. People are busy but meeting them face-to-face will not only make them remember you but help you understand who they are and how they work. Emails are easily ignored – both deliberately and accidentally – so call too and make sure how you present yourself is quick and relevant.” – Beatrice Bless.

Beatrice is also here to share her favourite book hoping that it will come in handy when you lack inspiration. Go check ‘Makers of East London’ by Hoxton Mini Press. “It captures energy and spirit of a unique part of the capital giving insightful profiles of makers reveals hidden processes behind objects both everyday and exceptional.”

And that’s not all. She would also like to recommend a place to visit if you’re in Milan. So don’t miss ‘Tipoteca’ in Cornuda, alongside annual International Letterpress Workers Summit.

Thank you very much, Beatrice. Beatrice Bless runs New North Press in Hoxton Square with Richard Ardagh and founder Graham Bignell.

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