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posted by Lo Parkin April 15, 2015

J SONA is a 23 year old designer and photographer hailing from Hull inspired by travel cultures and urban environments. Recently dropping an amazing new photo zine showcasing images from his travels to Morocco, Spain, London and Amsterdam over 2014 J SONA is fresh new talent well worth keeping an eye on.

J SONA’s love of photography was formed organically; he explained “I’ve always been interested in photos and the way that split second decision can be a memory forever. With that philosophy in mind I started to take photos from a fairly young age. It started all off as just a picture for the moment on a shoddy digital camera, of my friends, family or partying etc but after afew years I started taking things abit more seriously, I bought a decent camera and went to art school studied graphic design. Which is what I do now.”

Taking photos whenever he can J SONA’s imagery is documentary in style capturing people, objects, places, lifestyles and cultures. With travel being a huge driving force the designer explained “I find you can get a little stuck when your in a small city like Hull. It’s easy to find yourself shooting the same thing over and over. For me it’s important to explore new places, which is what my new zines all about. Traveling keeps me going, even if it’s just to a new city.”


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