83M80 Letterpress in the Digital Era

posted by Lisa Matzi July 9, 2015

83M80 is the ambitious letterpress project of Gonzalo Hergueta and MRKA. Based on the old style serif typeface Bembo they developed 10 different styles. By digitally altering the font and applying aspects of computer malfunctions like glitches, low resolution or artifacts they produced an extensive range of characters for letterpress printing. 83M80 celebrates imperfections in technology by applying their visual cues to the most ubiquitous element of design: typography. An interesting fusion of technology and hundreds of years of craftsmanship.

83M80 — Letterpress in the Digital Era from Gonzalo Hergueta on Vimeo.

In a way it’s a form of media archeology to be able to preserve the way things are glitching now for future generations
who want to revisit this and try to recreate the way we used to communicate in the past.”


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