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posted by Amber Weaver January 23, 2017

As part of one of their latest project, Design Press Green Space have collaborated with New North Press and Thomas Mayo & Co. to create a new way of printing with letterpress. Titled AHP Six, the project was a result of creative consultancy Green Space working with local artisan printmakers and designers to create a unique, hexagonal woodblock to form letters when printed.

The type-system was created as part of an identity tool-kit for property developer Anthology’s latest development, Anthology Hoxton Press. The site where this development, designed by Karakusevic Carson Architects and David Chipperfield Architects, is situated once was where where former printmakers the Mullord Brothers created beautiful, hand-crafted pieces back in the 1860’s.

Inspired by its rich heritage and influenced by the buildings’ unusual architectural forms, Thomas Mayo & Co produced the blocks themselves each block handmade. A variety of textures and patterns have then been laser-cut to create a modular set that can be orientated and placed in many different ways on the press bed.New North Press used the woodblocks to design and print an array of letterforms that can be small, large, minimalist or decorative. These prints will then be used for Anthology communications such as their newly-opened sales & marketing suite. Extending beyond this project, the woodblocks will be used by New North Press as part of their ongoing commitment to encourage users both young and old to learn about letterpress.



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