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Composed of scenes set in the period of socialism, yet interpreted in a digital language through the eyes of three young creatives, Natalia Evelyn Bencicova, Adam Csoka Keller and Arielle Esther infuse their multidisciplinary talent in conceptual photography, video visual communication and sound engineering to create the aesthetically striking and intelligently compelling ASYMPTOTE.


With the aims to tread closer to the topic of socialism and lead a dialogue with those who experienced the era of national history themselves, the trio merge the past and present into a unified visual form, using architectonic sites that are authentic to the era of socialism and in turn, shape a coherent geometrical composition through the symbol of regime itself, exemplified through the careful consideration of structure and organisation which beautifully manifests within the series.




In reference to the use of people as one of the distinctive elements contributing to the surreal yet perfectly uniform narrative, Bencicova explains,

“People create a pattern, they become part of the overall composition; the architecture and society. Each person is stripped of their own individuality to become a unified form, creating, by doing so, an absurd platform where every difference is an anomaly.”

The silhouette of the subject, which remarkably contrasts against the rigid structures of the setting, communicates this abnormality, occasionally referenced further through the impeccable distinction of the crimson red and stark white colour palette, which play a significant part within the narrative.




ASYMPTOTE ultimately portrays a contact between collective feelings and testimonials interpreted by today’s youth, exquisitely represented by the authors through a fictional series, which blurs the lines between memory and reality.





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