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posted by Marcroy December 2, 2013

We get a lot of amazing gifts in the mail so we thought we’d share some of them with you in a single post. We like getting our mail from the wonderful studio post lady, so please send us more stuff.

Screen Printing On The Cheap
We received a copy of this great book which informs you of how to screen print cheaply. Pretty much what the book title says, we love it.

Russell Taysom Print
Russell kindly sent us one of his amazing prints – a fluro pink and blue risograph print in an edition of 30, produced at Ditto Press.
Russell Taysom

Paper Jam Press
These guys sent us a splendid letterpress print which says, “Thinkin of a master plan”. There’s truth in hip-hop lyrics.
Paper Jam Press

Ditto Press x James Unsworth
We were very chuffed to win the Ditto Press Twitter competition to win a fantastic risograph print by James Unsworth featuring phallic shapes, drugs and satanism in illustrative glory.
James Unsworth

Ever Reve
Beautiful prints and a lovely little booklet showing off their season of clothing.


Luddite Magazine
Another successful Kickstarter campaign with a great product. We met the guys behind this awesome magazine and they are great people who share similar views to ourselves. We’ll be working with these down the line.
Luddite Magazine

Posterpaper is a newspaper full of posters by a great selection of illustrators, photographers and designers, curated and published by Jaguar Shoes.
Jaguar Shoes Paperposter

Caspar Williamson | Low-Tech Print
We featured this book because it’s bloody brilliant and we are very thankful to have this on our bookshelf. Caspar is another person who we will be working with in the future.
Low Tech Print

OOMK Magazine
Thanks to the guys from OOMK Magazine for this. We’ll be doing a proper feature on this one.
OOMK Magazine

Amwell Print Fair Invite
We were invited to The Amwell Print Fair which is on today from 5:30pm – 9:30pm.
Amwell print fair

This Is Your God
We received this two volume publication celebrates the 25th anniversary of the cult classic «They Live» by John Carpenter. The first volume includes an exact replica of a magazine prop as seen in the movie, containing the iconic typography with all its flaws and special characteristics. The second volume shows the places the words came from.
This is your god

Limner Journal 2



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