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The Private Press | New Editions

posted by Amber Weaver December 8, 2017

The Private Press, run by Gary Parselle, is a contemporary screen-printing studio in Brighton, UK. Having featured the last Editions collection, we’re excited to introduce the next one, and it’s just as good as the last! Editions continues to celebrate the screen printing process using interesting techniques, inks and papers and yesterday saw the private launch of the official new Editions collection at Hotel Pelirocco.

This fresh collection of prints experiments with layering of colours to create different textures and the use of specialist inks, such as metallics or fluorescents which turned out great thanks to Gary with his 10 years experience and expert opinion in specialist papers and inks – and the techniques that can turn a print into something extra-special.

Some of the brilliant artists that have worked collaboratively to get some beautifully finished results in Gary’s studio are Adam Higton, Magda Archer and Hello Marine who proved popular when they launched earlier this year, while the work of John Bond, Lucy Sherston and Mr Penfold hit the online shop on the 13th November.

Gary says, “The screen-printing process offers colour, texture and depth unlike any other, and the Editions series demonstrates exactly what can be achieved. The collection is the perfect way for real enthusiasts of contemporary graphic art, and the screen printing process, to get their hands on affordable, unique.”

The prints are all limited editions priced between £50 and £150 and will be signed and numbered by the artists. We loved this project so much, we added it to our online store! Shop the collection below, and watch out for the new collection coming soon.

Amber Weaver

Amber Weaver

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