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posted by Amber Weaver July 27, 2017

Having collaborated with brands such as Bean & Goose and many other creative teams, aeand studio produce beautifully crafted screen printed surface and textile designs using an entirely hand rendered process. In the digital age, it’s easy to forgot the beauty of the humane aspect of design such as screen printing and letterpress printing for example. aeand pay homage to this producing their designs using various mediums such as paint, collage and illustration which are then transformed repeated patterns using the traditional swiss technique.

Such as hand made creative design exposes the natural human mistakes, quirks, and the aesthetic of craft. These guys embrace such characteristics, emphasising the inherent imperfections, believing that such an attitude is what gives their brand it’s identity and personality.

Most recently they released a limited edition collection of hand made, screen printed veg-tan leather accessories entitled ‘s h a p e s’. This particular project explores the arrangement of shapes and form in both and product design, fused with minimal shapes and simple colours.

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