Kaiser X Labs | A Mishmade Exclusive Notebook

posted by Amber Weaver January 18, 2017

Designed with a beautifully minimalist flair and challenging purpose, office supplies brand Mishmash have launched their latest project for Kaiser X Labs. Their aim? To create a collection of disruptive products that trigger the creativity in people’s minds. Characterised by simplistic aesthetics and the emphasise of purpose and function, Mishmash have created a stunning notebook for Kaiser X Labs crafted with beautiful bounding, paper stock and design.

Mishmash’s ethos focuses on the “idea that simplicity is not merely frugal…seeking to not adorn its products, rather preferring to highlight their natural colours and textures by a carefully selection of materials, all the whilst keeping the quality in mind”. An ethos that has been fiercely abided by in their latest project. Kaiser X Labs is a german Allianz start-up company that re-evaluates a companies teamwork effectiveness and in turn creates meaningful customer experiences whilst eliminating the barriers between brands and their consumers. Using the brands purpose as their main inspiration, Mishmash developed a line of notebooks containing a grid that aims to give the owners an additional tool so that creativity can flow more easily. Fused with vibrant colours that reflect the visual identity of Kaiser X Labs, the product is divided into two versions, a pocket-size for employees and a regular-size designed for premium customers, encouraging an overall new and improved creative attitude throughout the business.

Mishmash has its products available on, as well being sold internationally across 10 countries in 40 different stores. In addition to their own products, Mishmash has the Mishmade service, a custom-made service for companies, where they can develop unique and customised stationery lines!

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