Less Than 100

posted by Anna Chayasatit October 22, 2015

Would you believe that nowadays women still earn less than men? Well statistically, the gender pay gap still remains the clearest example of economic inequality for women today if you live in a western democracy. Founded by graphic designer and art director of Gratuitous Type, Elana Schlenker, Less Than 100 was set up to raise awareness around the gender wage gap in the US. The inaugural store, 76<100, kicked off earlier in spring 2015 in Pittsburgh and charged female customers only 76% of the retail price because women in Pennsylvania make 76 cents to every man’s dollar.

In short, Less Than 100 is a traveling pop-up shop for gender wage equality. The store features products such as ceramics, prints, books and homeware goods created by female artists, makers, and designers from across the US. Every item is priced to reflect the wage gap in its respective location. I think it’s a really powerful idea how Elana approaches such a serious issue. Very creative, thoughtful and fun!

Anna Chayasatit

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