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posted by Alice Harrison May 4, 2016

Renowned for the challenging of conventional thinking and the embedding of a simple and contemporary aesthetic within their extraordinary creations, Danish design company Normann Copenhagen are the latest furniture brand to turn their talents to stationery and accessories. Collaborating with Femmes Régionales, a creative agency firmly rooted within the fashion industry, the two have combined aesthetics, resulting in the exquisite Daily Fiction collection.

Normann Copenhagen4

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Continuing the dominance of fashion as an inspiration, the concept of the collection prompts the buyer to choose a product which best suits their personality, emphasising the accessory element and encouraging customers to follow the theme and create their own story.

Normann Copenhagen17

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From notebooks to pencil sharpeners to gift-wrapping to stickers, the Daily Fiction collection encompasses over 200 small designs, all with compelling emphasis on the ideology ‘The devil is in the details’. With 18 colours to choose from, an enticing assortment of terrazzo prints, gloss and matte finishes, moulded forms over fabrics, four striped prints and many more, the Daily Fiction collection is the equivalent to that of ‘A modern day candy store for grown ups’ and we can not wait to visit.

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