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20 Minuten | Redesign by Studio Feixen

posted by Anna Chayasatit May 4, 2017

In collaboration with Jung von Matt, Studio Feixen redesigned Switzerland’s biggest newspaper, “20 Minuten”, for one day only as part of the campaign from Samsung to promote the launch of its Galaxy S8. On Friday 28th April 2017, Swiss readers were exposed to the shocking layout of the publication as its original pages were overlaid with colourful splashes, strokes, and squiggles.

The page layouts were ingeniously designed to mimic touch gestures and fingertip actions used to swipe, flick, pinch and push for content. We are now deep in the digital age and we have to admit that this is a clever experiment that, once again, puts the relationship between form and content to the test.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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Anna Chayasatit

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