6 Inspiring Magazines Everyone Should Know About

posted by Beatriz Camargo July 31, 2017

Magazines have become forgotten by many who are keeping up with news online, but not for us. Here’s a list of magazines which explores different areas of design: from fashion to graphics and business to printing and more. We hope you’ll agree they are as inspiring as we think.

(All in alphabetical order)

Backstage Talks: Dialogues on Design and Business
Backstage Talks is an interview magazine created alongside the annual By Design Conf (a Conference for Designers, Entrepreneurs and Creative Minds). This magazine is an opportunity to learn from the best in the field of design and to see what design means for business. Through interviews, Editor in Chief Martin Jenca explains that: “We’re trying to discover what lies beyond what’s visible in design: the thinking and various approaches.” In its second issue, you will find 10 interviews with great designers from around the world.

Disegno #15
Disegno is a quarterly magazine dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting on design, fashion and architecture. The magazine aims to inform, debate, inspire and entertain through its many articles featuring exclusive and insightful content of current events, dedicated to a design-interested audience like us. Issue 15 of the magazine was published in July 2017 and includes the story of Amanda Levete’s recently inaugurated porcelain courtyard for the V&A, futurist analysis of Ross Lovegrove’s retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, and much more.

IDN (International Designers Network)
If you’re an Image-Maker or a Graphic Designer (or is simply fond of Illustration in Pattern Making) this is the perfect magazine for you. IDN’s volume 23/No. 6 includes hundreds of projects and more than 50 designers and creatives from around the world. The purpose of all packaging is to contain, protect, preserve, transport, inform and sell which is why a kind of design that makes such an appeal to many. If you’re one of them, don’t miss this complete analysis of how to make packaging pay.

Pressing Matters
Pressing Matters is a study in creative endeavor, on how failing is somehow also winning. It explores people and their passion behind the printmaking process. You’ll find useful, insightful, practical, geeky and creative articles by great printmakers, who share their techniques. It is a magazine produced by printmakers for printmakers.

Printed Pages SS17
Printed Pages is a magazine by It’s Nice That. In issue 13, you’ll find 240 pages of inspiring work and appealing articles featuring creatives from all around the world. The cover is a smiling face designed by illustrator Ted Parker, whilst inside you’ll find exclusive features including an interview with pioneering photographer William Eggleston, a photo essay documenting a special and rarely seen work by Heatherwick Studio and a gallery of 14 smiles created by the likes of Martin Parr, James Jarvis, Rose Blake and more. Whatever their methods, every person featured in this issue is an agent of change: they are responding to the moment, everything that preceded it, and are adding something new.

She is Fierce: Reworked – Deux
This magazine is for femmes who are looking for something different from the world. Focusing on creativity, culture and collaboration, She is Fierce is dedicated to empowering women with inspiring stories of accomplishments. They are currently on the second issue of the magazine, working collectively to publish the work of creative women as an alternative to celeb gossip, make-up and mass produced garb. Issue Deux features fantastic women such as leather designer Laurie Lee, typographer Daisy Emerson and fashionista Phiney Pet. You can also find tutorials varying from weaving and metal stamped bangles to denim painting and appliqué.

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