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posted by Cara Bray December 11, 2014

‘Amadeus magazine is a quarterly, bicoastal arts and culture print magazine, showcasing innovative creators and their artistic niches.’ Undefined by destination, Amadeus has a team of talented contributors stretching all the way from LA to Boston. Casting a net over creativity, they aim to capture and present the very best artfully skilled individuals from all over the country. With a DIY approach to design, the visual elements of this magazine focus primarily on highlighting the unique ability of each artist.

Although Amadeus are print based, their online presence delivers a constant stream of arts and culture news in between each issue. Building bridges between digital and published media, they aim to create a community driven hub that strongly encourages bouncing of ideas and joint forces of brilliant minds. Inspiring aspiring creatives with freedom fuelled power, both printed and internet based mediums act as a source of energy and outlet for artistic innovators.

Making movements in DIY culture, Amadeus strives to connect and build a solid network of amateurs each with creativity close to their heart. Pushing forward with a motivated and positive outlook, they provide not only a platform but also support to those keen on moulding their own future.

Check out their Illustrated Alphabet Card Deck, a 26 card deck of food associated alphabet cards, designed by various artists with letter related foodie goodness depicted on every card.

Issue 3 is out now, available to purchase here!

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