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Future You No. 2 by Nada Alic & Andrea Nakhla

posted by Marcroy January 24, 2017

Future You No.2 features six original pieces of short fiction and artwork by writer Nada Alic and artist Andrea Nakhla. Each story examines the suspension of disbelief so often required for romance through such means as: signs, astrology, dreams and secrets, etc. At first glance, each character’s rejection of reality in favor of their own, sweeter version of it feels absurd and obvious, but endears us to the universal desire to do just that: manufacture our own realities to avoid heartbreak at all costs.

Originally from Toronto, Nadia lives in Los Angeles where she is the editorial director for the art platform, Society6: a print-on-demand marketplace for 200k artists. In her free time, she writes short fiction and compulsively refreshes @champagnepapi‘s Instagram account. Her co-collaborator Andrea Nakhla is an LA-based painter and designer. Her debut show entitled “Little Joy” at New Image Art was featured in Live FAST Magazine. They’ve been collaborating on art books since their first release in 2014, since then they’ve released Future You (2014), I Saw It In You (2016) and Future You 2 (2016).

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