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posted by Emma Fisher December 11, 2013

Intern Magazine is a new, bi-annual independent print publication concerned with internships in the creative industries. With their brand new publication and blog, Intern Magazine is tackling a subject that has been considered taboo, and avoided for so long. They’re bringing the plight of the Intern to grand, public attention by not only showcases the work of talented individuals, but also initiating debates about the current state of the intern culture.

Almost everyone that works or has works in the design industry has been through the intern period of their life. From the good, bad and pure ugly – everybody seems to have there own insightful story. Intern Magazine, has put this all together to provide a wealth of information that is insightful to employees, current interns and creatives going into this field. The magazine almost exclusively put together by an intern based workforce is a quite an achievement. As well as contributions from artist that have gained public recognition such as Mr Bingo and a chat with Mike Perry, there is a refreshing honest feel with real stories showcasing personal and business success as well as invaluable lessons learnt from their experiences.

Interning has and will probably continue to be the norm for graduates and new talents trying to blossom into the creative industry for a long time to come. But not yet have we seen a publication as strong and focused as this, that not only follows the stories of young workers, but encourage their skill and involvement in contribution, which is putting them in a greater opportunity of succeeding in what is becoming an increasing competitive world.

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