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posted by Amber Weaver January 21, 2017

Fused with a dark illustrative style and simple purpose, Le Petit Néant meaning The Small Nothingness, is a publication that dives deep into the art medium of drawing. Asking its readers to simply look. By sourcing its content and featuring artists and illustrators from across the globe, Le Petit Néant also explores the pleasure of the wordless narrative creating a unique reading experience for its audience.

Le Petit Néant’s third issue is set to be launched on the 2nd of February 2017 accompanied by its debut event at the Pocko Gallery in North London. Within its beautifully illustrated pages will be the work of artists such as Andrzej Klimowski, Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Carolina Celas, Olivier Deprez, Joe Kessler, Phil Goss, Marie Jacotey, Joakim Drescher, Tanaka Nahosh and Becky Allen to name a few.

John L. Walters, Eye Magazine’s editor says ‘Le Petit Néant is a journal of images, many of them monochrome. However it is not ‘about’ images, or creativity, it is constructed from great bleeding chunks of graphic art, in a sequence of visual invention that is presented without commentary, explanation, interpretation or documentation. No dimensions or materials are listed. There are none of the terms and phrases we usually associate with art galleries and publications: ‘untitled’, ‘work on paper’, ‘linocut’, ‘gouache’, ‘lithograph’, ‘from the collection of …’, and so on. Apart from the sentences you are reading now, the journal rejects words, letters, typography to the point of deliberate muteness, and it plays down the credits – the names of the graphic artists and illustrators who have contributed their work.’

Printed on 300 stock in a stitched cover, it celebrates the expressive potential of paper and ink. Edited by Miguel Angel Valdivia and designed by Giulia Garbin.

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