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Macro Shrub #6

posted by Marcroy April 15, 2013

At the end of 2011, Jack Burston and Murray Somerville decided to produce six monochrome zines with screen printed covers by Daisy Whitewolff and typography by Eurico sa Fernandes. The aim was to complete all six within a year. After 13 months, they’ve made it: Macro Shrub #6, the last in the series, is out now.
Macro Shrub #6 takes a look at death, in a variety of guises. As ever, there are illustrations and comics from Murray and in this issue they take a look at a future where you aren’t alive, skulls and fights to the death. The writing includes an interview with an alternative death-thinker, the end of the Macro Shrub series and documents a zine workshop in the afterlife. The zine is 20 pages long and there are a limited number available. You can get them now for £4 including postage and packaging.

Murray and Jack are also currently hitting up zine fairs this year, they were previously seen at the DIY cultures fair in east london and will next be at Comica on 20th April “selling macro shrubs/posters/badges/their souls etc.”



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