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Magazine: Spring Releases

posted by Anna Chayasatit April 11, 2014

And before the week is over, we’d like to introduce you to some of the interesting covers that have been released during this blooming season. This time, we focus on vivacious and lively issues that will certainly inspire you.

In alphabetical order:

Anorak Magazine Issue 31: Dreams
This is first ever 2014 issue of Anorak. It comes in super colourful edition, with great emphasis on the relation between dreaming and creativity and how dreaming has influenced people throughout history. You will adventure into a dreamland and be amazed at vivid-coloured quirky illustrations throughout this issue. As part of Anorak’s commitment to the environment, the publication is printed with vegetable-based inks. Inside you will find dreamy stuff, games, interviews, activities and comics that will undoubtedly keep you engaged during the weekend.

Boat Magazine Issue 7: Lima
Published twice a year, Boat Magazine is a nomadic magazine that travels to uncover life and culture in all hidden corners of the world. Each issue is focused on a different destination, introducing you to awe-inspiring stories about mystical cities that you won’t find elsewhere. Boat also collaborates with first-rate photographers and writers, bringing together an unexpected combination of wonder and joy in every edition. Its latest issue will take you to Peru’s capital city, Lima, and the publication is available now for preorder.

Fricote Issue 14: Comfortable
Despite the mushrooming of food magazines, Fricote has become a standout food publication amongst trendy foodies. Why? Because besides being an urban epicurean that explores a broad range of food and culture, Fricote also binds together a mixture of colourful illustrations and beautiful imagery, updating foodies with stories surrounding art and food. Based in France, this quarterly publication unveils scrumptious recipes, ideas and flavours through different features. Its latest issue is up for grabs. Check out its website for more details and shipping information.

The Loop Issue 5
The Loop has continued in its second year with a new look, coming in a new format with an increase in content that still features a full range of fun activities and interesting stories. The Loop is a quarterly magazine, or maybe a newspaper, that celebrates visual culture through impressive illustrations, designs, drawings and imaginative art. It is a brilliant idea for kids and was invented with an intention to cultivate young, creative minds to understand art and creativity as well as to engage these young readers in contemporary issues. And even though you’re not an 8 year-old, we’re sure it is definitely something you should be diving into.

No Brow Issue 9: It’s Oh So Quiet
This latest issue of No Brow explores the concept of silence, how is silence expressed? The answer comes in a double flip-cover issue of No Brow#9. Forty-five artists were selected to approach this concept of silence and display them in a wide variety of narrative art. Featured in a total of 120 pages are illustrations and comics printed in four spot colour. Two hundred people who were lucky enough to pre-order this latest issue would also receive a limited edition screen print designed by Ben Newman. With a limited, one-time print run, you’d better hurry.

And last but not least, PRINT ISN’T DEAD Quarterly Magazine by People of Print will come out later in June, building on our content from our website as well as exclusive studio/company visits and interviews. Stay tuned!

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