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posted by Amber Weaver August 30, 2017

Now thanks to technological developments in printing, there are thousands of magazines out there, all with different themes, purposes and aesthetic. A recent publication that caught our eye is PANTA is a tri-annual print magazine published by Book a Street Artist which celebrates the independent creative culture around the world. Featuring work from emerging artists, writer and photographers, their contributions all focus on the artistic and cultural initiatives that have the power to take on social, cultural and environmental issues – what has now become known as Artivism.

What we most enjoy, is their mission to build a platform to support emerging creative talents, giving young creatives a chance to have their voices heard and get there work out into the industry. Which we all know is becoming increasingly hard to establish. In addition, whether it be photography, design, street art, illustration, writing, music, performance, architecture and other creative vocations, all contributions tie under the theme of trying to make a positive impact on society – Which we adore of course.

“PANTA is a sum of concepts that can build, if not a better, then at least a more conscious and fairer art world.” – PANTA.

Read by innovators, creators and contemporary art lovers. This publication is surely one not to miss out on.

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