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posted by Anna Chayasatit December 23, 2013

The ‘rabona’ is a term used to describe a technique of kicking the football whereby the kicking leg is wrapped around the back of the standing leg and was first performed by Ricardo Infante, an Argentinian striker back in 1948. Rabona, a celebration of the sensational game, is a creation of Michael Da Silva, a reporter and freelance football writer for BBC Sport Online. The first issue, The England Issue, was launched in late November 2013, featuring on its cover ‘Kieran Gibbs’ who now plays for Arsenal as a left-back.

Beautifully designed by a print-based graphic studio in St Petersburgh, Qus Qus, the debut issue also includes interviews with many soccer idols and a wide of outstanding shots from the recent matches. You can grab a copy now from your local bookstore, anywhere throughout the UK.

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