Squashing Vibes

posted by Amber Weaver November 8, 2016
Squashy Vibes

Bursting at the seames with gorgeous photography, digital graphic pieces and quirky art direction is Squashing Vibes, an open submission book curated by Emergency Meeting and published by Kiosk. The beauty within this publication is its essence of total creative freedom, you never know what to expect when turning the page. Will it be a pair of shoes made out of bricks, will it be a gorgeous man staring straight at you, or will it be a lighthearted illustration, who knows! The book was launched at The Peckham Pelican, with an exhibition that ran from 29th September–9th October for the Art Licks Weekend. Below are a small selection of the submissions, featuring many talented artists and designers. Squashy Vibes Squashy Vibes Squashy VibesBenjamin Craven Benjamin CravenOne of the many creatives that submitted their work was Benjamin Craven, a designer with a love for construction. His work ranges from screen printing to mixed media, to digital drawings as you can see above, and is informed by rational and experimental geometric forms.Greg McCarron-ShipmanAnother designer is freelance visual artist/designer, Greg McCarron-Shipman from South London. Greg studied Fine Art Sculpture at Camberwell and now has a mixed platform of practice involving illustration, cgi, photography and fabrication. We weren’t joking when we said shoes for bricks! Joseph Melhuish is an illustrator/animater/art director and artist currently based in South London. His submission (above) fits perfectly under the term ‘Squashy Vibes’. Lauren AllenLauren Allen

t-shirt swallowing a tyre Lark FoordT-shirt swallowing a tyre by Lark Foord.

You can check all the amazing artists and designers submissions here, as well as buy Squashy Vibes from Kiosk.


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