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Bianca Cork

posted by Amber Weaver June 12, 2017

At first glance the work of Bianca Cork is perhaps confusing to understand, it’s purpose and even form are intertwined with heavy experimentation and even further process exploration. Through various techniques such as etching, aquatint, spit bite, lithography, mono-print, relief and screen-print, her work provides an endless scope for experimentation and development. Since 2010, Bianca has visited various countries that have been transformed by industry. The designer became fascinated by as humans, we adapt and connect with our environment which is under constant construction, perpetual mutation and rapid change. This became an interest of Bianca when she was awarded a 6-month residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai which is situated in an area of rampant commercial, industrial and residential development. Since this re-location, Bianca began to experiment with shapes and symbols at rubbish tips, dumping grounds, street stalls and other locations in an attempt to capture the tempo and rhythm of the city she was in.

Some of the materials used to create these incredible expressive, abstract images include
steel, zinc, stone and wood, materials that references nicely the industrial subjects that her work was often focused on. Bianca describes printmaking as a medium that “provides
a language of marks, a richness, a depth of colour, texture and other unique characteristics that cannot be achieved through other mediums.” A quote that we here at People Of Print most definitely agree with. You can check out more of her work via the links below.

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