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Cold Picnic – Private Parts

posted by Jade Connolly June 29, 2016

Formed in 2010, apparel design Phoebe Sung and print designer Peter Buer formed Cold Picnic, creating macrame home goods, leather accessories, and handmade jewellery. Influenced by the powdery yet vibrant palettes of 1970s films, the couple began working on various side projects together in effort to view traditional crafts filtered through modern mediums, coalescing into Cold Picnic. Their work explores imagined landscapes and the effects of time upon their surfaces.


“In these landscapes, rugs function as maps, brass jewellery as treasures unearthed on long walks, and leather bags fit everything found or needed along the way.”


Working with a family owned business in India to produce their line of handmade rugs, and having it been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, ‘Private Parts’ is quickly becoming their most popular line yet.


Jade Connolly

Jade Connolly

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