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posted by Anna Chayasatit April 10, 2014

East Editions is an inspirational Sydney-based open space dedicated to limited edition products created by select visual artists and designers from both Australia and around the world. East Editions offers a variety of homeware goods including textiles, handcrafted wooden furniture, screen-printed quilt covers and pillow case sets.

East Editions was established by Brad, Kelly and Eamon Eastman with an aim to promote remarkably talented artists and to make provision for Australian creative communities. Each edition features a different artist in order to produce a unique piece of design. Their latest edition is a set of hand-drawn timber boxes which was released earlier in March 2014, a collaboration with Sydney-based graffiti artist Roach and Melbourne-based furniture maker Thomo & Coach.

Thomo & Coach in collaboration with Roach Timber Boxes

By Kyle Hughes-Odgers

By We Buy Your Kids

By Vans The Omega

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