posted by Anna Chayasatit August 27, 2015

I wish I’d inherited my father’s green fingers. And to tell you the truth, my living room often turns into a graveyard of dried, brown leaves and sad empty pots. Having plants indoor can be one of the simplest methods to beautify your indoor space. But let’s face it, if you are one of those who water their plants when they remember, I’ve just found you a solution.

‘Flora’ is an online store that features an array of botanical prints designed to give your space a refresh. Based in Barcelona, Flora is dedicated to bringing its customers the best selection of posters that are locally designed and crafted. This is simply a great way of bringing some colour and nature into your home without having to worry about ‘how much water should I give my plant’.

Their beautiful identity is designed by PAR Studio, a graphic design and art direction company based in Barcelona. They did a great job creating designs that radiate the cool and casual personality of the brand.

Anna Chayasatit

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