Papier Machine

posted by Marcroy April 30, 2014

We just came across Papier Machine and had use Google translate to make sense of their website because everyone in the studio chose German rather than French at GCSE level. Their website has some lovely examples of how the Riso machine works and how layer colours creates extra colours. They are quite simply a Riso service based in France. This article contains sections of text direct from Google translate and we haven’t edited it for a bit of fun.

Papier Machine France Riso

It is a copier / printer base for schools, churches, small structures and imagers, mainly to the leaflet or small displays. It was designed to be economical for small to medium quantities. You can print several superimposed layers as serigraphy. These features make printer also interesting for small graphics editing. Riso printing has a particular rendering and limitations as the slow drying and slight shifts between the layers. The result thus has small imperfections and the charm of a traditional process. It is best to think and realize its images based on this printing technique. Our experience in designing and image editing, and rigor allow us to exploit the capabilities of this machine.



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