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Stanley Donwood | Very Air & Cold Earth

posted by Marcroy April 7, 2015

Dan Rickwood aka Stanley Donwood is well known for his close association with the British band Radiohead, having created all of their album and poster art since 1994. He graduated from the University of Exeter, then went on to work as a freelance artist in Plymouth. Aside from his work for Radiohead, Donwood also maintains his own website, Slowly Downward, where he published short stories and various other writings. We celebrate the launch of his latest two colour prints, ‘Very Air’ and ‘Cold Earth,” both limited to an edition of 25 and come signed.

The two prints in the series ‘Very Air’ and ‘Cold Earth’ are taken from a vast number produced from an installation at Ovalspace, London when Atoms For Peace released ‘Amok’ following this Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich performed a DJ set. The prints also featured in an installation at The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm while Atoms For Peace did a residency at The Roundhouse.

Very Air
Stanley Donwood

Cold Earth
Stanley Donwood

Available to buy here.



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