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3rd St | A Solo Exhibition By Eloise Dorr

posted by Amber Weaver January 6, 2017

Hidden in Eloise Dorr’s colourful architectural landscape paintings of San Francisco you’ll find small silhouette characters playfully skateboarding through abstract and realistic typical skateboarding locations. Painted on broken skateboard’s or plywood and occasionally perspex, the format adds to the meaningful relationship the images represent. Being Dorr’s 3rd solo exhibition the display will showcase paintings she completed throughout the year inspired by her trip to San Francisco in 2013.

Inspired by David Hockney, who’s bold colour palette and eclectic style acted as her main sources of inspiration paired with the architecture and culture of San Fransisco, turned her ideas into the 3rd St. Challenging the idea of ‘the canvas’, Dorr doesn’t confine to the boundaries of a traditional piece of art, through introducing a unique style of presentation, the overall concept is immensely enhanced and generates a refreshingly original exhibition.

From January the 26th to the 1st of February at the Hamilton House Gallery in Bristol you can catch this wonderful exhibition, and on the 27th they’ll be free beer for everyone to enjoy!



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