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Alex Boyd

posted by Ellis O'Connor May 31, 2013

Alex Boyd is a an award winning Scottish photographer based in the West Coast of Scotland, primarily known for his stunning photographs of landscapes around the many dramatic coastlines of the United Kingdom. His series titled, ‘Sonnets’ – a series of large format landscapes featuring a lone figure in some of Scotland’s most disctinctive locations. I also find his series, ‘The Point of the Deliverance’ great too. These photographs map out the edges of the Northern Gaeltacht, the Irish Speaking area of County Mayo in Ireland. Each location is chosen due to its history and with these images being film instead of the digital he normally works with, they have a lot more sense of atmosphere and depth to them.

He is currently working with antique photographic processes such as wet-plate collodion and calotype, In March 2012 he appeared in a new BBC series and book on the history of Victorian photography.

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