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Alice Wietzel

posted by Issy Reynolds-Logue November 28, 2016

Parisian artist Alice Wietzel’s illustrations display the perfect combination of unforgiving geometry and soft, organic forms. Her images combine dreamy colours with abstractly shaped people and objects whilst avoiding harsh, dark outlines. Wietzel allows various colours to sit next to one another in perfect harmony, leading to dreamlike images that we never want to stop looking at.

alice_wietzel_01Taking her work out of the studio and onto the streets, Wietzel has painted her creations on several walls around France. Wietzel works alongside artist Valentin Guillon to create the murals, composing and painting them together.

alice_wietzel_03 alice_wietzel_04 alice_wietzel_05 alice_wietzel_06

Earlier this year, Wietzel’s work featured in the fanzine Gribouilli and she created her first ever risograph-printed book, Solarium. The book, bound in cloth, is limited to 100 copies and has been published by Parisian risograph printers Presto Éditions. Her striking portrayal of bold female figures leads to feminist undertones in much of her work, something that is more than welcome at a time when we are bombarded with the notion of the ‘ideal’ body type by the mass media.

alice_wietzel_07 alice_wietzel_10 alice_wietzel_09 alice_wietzel_08

You can find Wietzel’s work on her blog, her Instagram, or you can purchase some for yourself from her online shop.

alice_wietzel_12 alice_wietzel_13 alice_wietzel_14


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