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Amy Blackwell

posted by Charlotte Windsor March 27, 2017

Hand painting beads, printmaking and painting are just a few of the skills that the widely talented Amy Blackwell shows off in the work she produces. Combining mesmerising patterns and textures with more traditional examples of portraiture, instantly giving her work a fresh contemporary feel.

From acrylic paint in the studio to an ever-growing bag of paint pens and sketchbooks that she takes with her when exploring, Amy is always prepared for the urge to draw the weird and wonderful. As well as using traditional media, Amy also makes perfect use of her iPad (also known as her ‘digital sketchbook’!) as a way to test different colours and compositions when planning a painting. Amy likes to develop her work over time, building up a variety of patterns and texture that compliment each other.

Amy is also a part of “Audrey & Illya” – a collective established in 2013 by herself and friend Leanne Narewski, which is named after their cats! In 2015 they welcomed Sarah Ormanroyd to the team.

At the moment, Amy is currently in the process of moving studios to a shared space with other creatives. In the near future we can expect to see much more from Amy as she focuses on her growing portrait collection.

Amy Blackwell Illustration

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