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Antonio García Cárceles

posted by Alice Harrison September 16, 2016

Investing his talents mainly within editorial projects and visual identities, Antonio García Cárceles demonstrates the complexity of his ability through the diversity of his designs, showcasing illusive graphics which beautifully decorated the landscape of Sitges Next Festival 2016 to the clean muted design created specifically for the periodical publication, Land.


Demonstrating initially his eye for refined detail and the value of minimal design, García Cárceles pairs vibrant organic graphics with an understated aesthetic, contrasting the futuristic graphic with the urban environment, enhancing the impact of the mesmerising design further and heightening the Sitges Next Festival 2016 concept of innovation once more.




Contrastingly, both the first and second issue of SICKY Magazine prompt a contrasting approach, unveiling a dedicated use of the grid structure to perfectly define the boundaries the fashion forward publication continuously breaks with their individualistic identity.





Maintaining the dominance of minimal definition, García Cárceles presents Air Colour, a series of experimental posters created in collaboration Jorge Penadés, both intelligent in design in concept heightened through the use of an orphaned fan and water-based spray can as the medium. Each outcome varies via both size and shape, all in all enveloping the exploration of generating new opportunities for those marginal objects that result from our hyper consumerist society.




Currently serving as Art Director for Madrid based agency CHINA, García Cárceles whole-heartedly delves into each project, gaining an impressive clientele, from Schweppes, Cervesaz, Alhambra and Siges Film Festival while La Casa Encendida, CA2M and Kutxabank were worked with in collaboration during Garcia Ceceles’ time as Creative Director for fashion brand Kling.


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