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Beth Drewett

posted by Marcroy September 29, 2012

Beth’s work caught my eye with her wonderful typographical and cynical style. We are really loving her faux Paroxetine bottle. She will be exhibiting as part of Hop, Skip on Thursday 4th October at Kingsland Road Studios, The Basement, 284 – 288 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DN.

Images 1-2 :: You are suffering…
A project exploring the vast number of different medical conditions and pharmaceutical drugs that are present today, “You are suffering…” focuses on the mental health condition Social Anxiety Disorder and the medicine used to treat it. By using the visual language of ‘quack’ medicine from the 18th century the project aims to question how real and or effective such conditions and their treatments are.

Image 3 :: Crows are like crime novels
Given the brief to create “a book that flies” the concept of this project is different types of birds are like different types of books, for example owls are like encyclopedias or hummingbirds are like romance novels. In this case an existing crime book was carved and then constructed into a crow. The bird is suspended for the lid of its box with removable dowel rods turning the box into a birdcage.

Images 4-5 :: Perfect misfit
This book aims to explore the old adage that different typefaces speak with different voices, and therefore the idea that there can be a perfect typeface for any word. In each spread two distinctly different typefaces are fused together to great new custom lettering for each oxymoron.

Images 6-7 :: Banned books
A series of five books designed to look like school exercise books. Concealed within each of the five books is content from one of the five most banned books by American school libraries. When the book is casually flicked through it appears to be blank, it is only when the pages are pressed upon that it is possible to see and read the text hidden inside each page.



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