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Cari Vander Yacht

posted by Issy Reynolds-Logue December 21, 2016

Currently residing in New York but hailing from Oregon, Cari Vander Yacht is an illustrator and gif maker creating dynamic, fun and relevant images. Since 2009, Vander Yacht has displayed her work as part of solo and group shows in both her home state and in places as far-flung from Oregon as Lianzhou City, China.

Vander Yacht’s subject matter is diverse, ranging from the everyday (see: My Dad Looking at Computer) to the more extraordinary (see: the water polo gif set for The New York Times). Vander Yacht’s style is multifarious and she cannot be confined to one medium. All of Vander Yacht’s work is interesting in its own right; personal experiments with cardboard are as worthy of attention as her gifs and more polished illustrations.

Vander Yacht’s sign and packaging design for Parlor Coffee demonstrate her superb graphic design skills. Her work with Parlor Coffee transposes traditional commercial graphic design into the modern world.

Vander Yacht’s art can be seen in all parts of the world, as she works with clients such as Nike, The New York Times and Businessweek. Whereas some of Vander Yacht’s images are more commercially minded, a lot of her work is based on personal experience. One such example is her series of illustrations of different pet-walkers in her local area, which gives us a glimpse into Vander Yacht’s colourful and wonderful world.

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