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Donna Huanca

posted by Anna Chayasatit February 20, 2014

Born in Chicago and having travelled across European and North American cities, multi-disciplinary artist Donna Huanca is currently settled in Berlin working on a broad range of fields. From paper collage, abstract painting, motley textiles to medium-large scale installation, they all began ten years ago after Huanca was awarded her first degree in Fine Arts from the University of Houston.

Each work involves a great variety of colour, texture and form and is often displayed erratically in a vast empty space. Viewers are encouraged to observe each artefact closely and are often startled to notice the elaborate detail of each particular object/artwork. Huanca was also awarded a Fullbright and has travelled across countries to exhibit, give lectures and take part in many collaborative projects.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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