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Elisa Talentino

posted by Amber Weaver December 11, 2017

Working from her workshop in sunny Italy is Artist Elisa Talentino. With a focus on graphic arts, screen printing, illustration and animation, her illustrations have appeared in numerous books and magazines, for clients such as The New York Times, Goethe Institut, Mondadori, D-Repubblica and many more.

What caught our eye is her authentic illustrative prints, characterised by what we can only assume is an imitation of herself? Since the majority of the female figures have her iconic head of fabulously bright red hair. Looking at each image is like looking through a looking glass, what you see and feel could be completely different to another. Our perspective prevails that perhaps each of her works contain a narrative, an emotion, or simply a figure of the imagination, all illustrated with her whimsical aesthetic and style.

Elisa’s fine work is exhibited in several galleries in Italy and abroad and we hope she continues to keep making the brilliant work she is today!

Amber Weaver

Amber Weaver

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