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Emily Godden & Audit Chaos

posted by Amber Weaver February 3, 2017

Exploring, experimenting and challenging notions in the realm of digital technologies, UK-based artist Emily Godden presented her debut durational performance Rhizome 2.0 at SPILL Festival of Performance 2016. Rhizome 2.0 explores the notion of the melted matrix within printmaking to develop a durational work which situates the body between the print and the screen. Working with the body as both a source of data and means of ‘data capture’ as Godden describes, the creation of a Live Print is produced allowing the artist to immerse herself in a virtual forest to uphold a suspension of disbelief to trick herself that the forest is not virtual but actual.

The artist explains “Within Virtual Reality (VR) anything is possible, the rules of physics can be defied and the world literally turned on its head. Instead of operating within a traditional orientation of printmaking I have been exploring the application of new digital technologies with a focus on VR to transpose traditional print techniques. My initial proposal outlines my intentions to explore the notion of the melted matrix and how our reality is blended between the actual and virtual.”

Emily Godden’s practice is currently focused around printmaking stretched into its broadest sense of existence to explore, document and translate both physically and naturally occurring traces through the medium of print. In recent work she has used sound as a mechanism to transmit data and communicate traces to exploit the essence of print in a post-digital landscape. To date, Godden has exhibited work at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Spike Island, Firstsite, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and was recently shortlisted for the Batsford Prize for Fine Art.

Photo Credits:

‘Emily Godden & Audit Chaos, Rhizome 2.0, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, produced by Pacitti Company. Photo by Christa Holka.’

‘Emily Godden & Audit Chaos, Rhizome 2.0, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, produced by Pacitti Company. Photo by Guido Mencari.’

Rhizome 2.0 was held at the Space to Breathe on Sunday 29th January
River Rooms, New Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA

Space to Breathe is produced and curated by Cape Farewell and Shrinking Space, in partnership with King’s College London’s Environmental Research Group.

Supported by: Arts Council England, The Physiological Society, King’s College London and Somerset House. Part of Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility



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