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Emma Kendall

posted by Alice Harrison July 21, 2016

Predominantly entertaining an eye-catching, ephemeral aesthetic, Emma Kendall’s latest collection visually communicates a psychedelic landscape, revealing hidden textile layers embellished in reflective properties, which enhance the optical appeal and provoke unpredictability when subject to contrasting light environments. Inspired by the intangible spectrum, texture and play of light, Kendall has successfully created a subversive scene where the transient phenomena of light manifests through fashion design.


Using screen printing and appliqué techniques, an exploration of shape, colour and proportion is apparent, the textiles were specifically designed to complement the body’s natural shape and movement, through panelling, stretch materials and engineered pattern design, focusing on powerful symmetry and self-similarity.



Emma Kendall’s intriguing aesthetic has garnered her critical acclaim, awarding her with the chance to represent her University in the British Fashion Council and Burberry Fashion competition, a Live Dulux project including a 2 week placement and more recently, she has been selected as a Texprint Designer 2016.



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