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Erin O’Malley

posted by Alice Harrison May 19, 2016

An exploration into the hidden complexities of light and surface manifests within the captivating variety of creations in which Erin O’Malley embeds her talents. Delving into the worlds of digital macro-photography, painting and video, an undeniable beauty consistently unfolds throughout, immersing the viewer as they look deeper between the layers and realise the origin of the final image.

Erin O'Malley9

O’Malley states her artistic process as being ultimately fuelled by the desire to translate the energy of discovery and wonder into the visual form, a desire undoubtedly fulfilled when succumb to the visuals which provide a mesmerising exploration into the boundaries of perception through abstraction via science and art.

Erin O'Malley10

Erin O'Malley8

The artworks are predominantly process-orientated, O’Malley stages commonly found transparent materials, from glass to liquid and embeds her iconic aesthetic which illuminates unseen patterns and rhythms of space which she then further compliments with drawings, finally representing a subconscious spatial awareness.

Erin O'Malley2

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Regarding her latest series, the artwork somewhat shifts from the colourful abstract compositions and focuses on channeling a more muted colour palette, focusing further on the concept embedded. Abstracted from sculptural resin objects interacting with sheer fabric, paper and light, the photographs are created in response to the orderly chaos of our world, as an exercise of extracting beauty and a sense of wonder from the mundane.

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