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Fiona Hepburn

posted by Ellis O'Connor April 29, 2013

Fiona Hepburn who hails from Scotland and was educated at the London College of Art where she studied printmaking. She specialises in drawings, paper work and printmaking. Her lovely prints find inspiration from her Scottish heritage and natural history. She makes work in response to found organic objects, and is fascinated by the architecture of the objects she collects.

Objects are enlarged, broken down and dissected – growing and turning into something else. Her drawings become an obsessive reproduction of a single shape. Drawing repetitive lines and various forms, create the illusion of ruined cities and geology. As a printmaker she is interested in the construction and reconstruction of prints, layering images and colours upon each other and so they become physical objects that evoke the feeling of growth and a strong sensory experience of fragility, provoking a desire to touch.

I find they have a very strong connection with nature and work as pieces that are fragile yet stand for something a lot stronger. Beautiful original work!

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