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George Stoyanov

posted by Alice Harrison December 31, 2016

Predominantly delving his skills into the worlds of CGI and 3D illustration, George Stoyanov explores various forms and colour combinations to offer the conceptual and intensive aesthetic he beautifully achieves. Entitled Explorations, this specific project appropriates abstract objects, adorning them in a mesmerising myriad of colour and pattern while enhancing the playful personality as depth and field is merged via innovative composition considerations. 

With an importance regarding sense of detail on texture, form, colour and composition, George aims to both achieve success in evoking intensive emotions when subject to his creations and continue improving his skills and developing his own sense of style.

Additionally to ExplorationsStages focuses on immersing real world objects into a digital environment thus providing an exploration into different conceptual and design stages. Combinations experiments with texture, using a soft and a hard body against a variety of colour backgrounds to develop their own concept identity, you can view both projects here.

Hailing from Bulgaria, George is currently working as a freelance designer in the fields of 3D illustration and design. George has worked with influential clients including Nike, Mobext, Ogilvy & Mather USA and Lemon Graphics.

Keep up to date with George in 2017 by following his Instagram here.

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