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Hayley Berridge — Metaphorical Design

posted by Marcroy November 2, 2017

Hayley Berridge is a Midlands-based multi-disciplinary designer who graduated from Liverpool John Moores University. She prefers to take the ‘hands-on’ approach with her work, breaking away from the computer and getting to grips with the project physically.

Tactile design is something that also really captures my interest. Textures, materials, colour and finishes are massive parts of my work and also an obsession of mine. I always want to push the boundaries of design through creative exploration, format and material, and also also try to approach things at a slightly different angle than usual, I try to think of the box, what hasn’t been done before, what isn’t conventional, what will excite myself and other people. 

Her ‘Imperfection’ project is a playful and visually intense publication to showcase the combination between moiré patterns and typography through the means of scanning. The fully risographed bound book shows the journey from simple patterns to more complex moiré design shown through the method of type. The use of colour and stock emphasis the idea of organised chaos usually associated with moiré.

The ‘Fading Forest’ project is pocket-sized publication with explores the issue of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest due to deforestation, shown through the process of printed matter. Contained within a handmade light-proof wooden box are pages of photosensitive paper which, when exposed to sunlight over a period of about 2-3 weeks, will entirely disappear and return back to blank pages creating an essentially empty book, a metaphor of what is currently happening to the rainforest. The publication also includes a timeline, giving the reader a brief insight into laws, protests, and infrastructure which over a period of many years have played a huge part in the disappearance of vegetation, habitats and species.



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