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Jade Milne

posted by Marcroy August 20, 2013

Jade Milne printed textile designer specialising in silk screen-printing and digital design based in the Scottish Borders. She works on a variety of silks, combining dyeing, screen-printing and painting using reactive dyes, discharge and pigment. Imagery is translated by exploiting layering as a means of creating depth and variance in both colour and texture. As well as hand drawn elements photography plays a large part in her design process, used as a starting point digitally developed and manipulated.

The nature of her work is very organic, resulting in very elegant, and commercial fashion prints with an ethereal edge. Her latest collection -Lab Culture- takes inspiration from the chaos and repetition of nature’s miniatures close up and under the microscope. Looking at cells, molecules, and man made and natural elements to allow for a unique and exciting starting point.



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