Jordan Provo | Rex Club – Saison 2016

Created under the brief to design an urban poster system for the oldest club in France, the Rex Club, Graphic and Print Design Student, Jordan Provo has unveiled his graphic translation of the final year project, redefining the poetic identity of the client through the modularity of multiple blocks, contrasting form, colour and typefaces which mesmerisingly interact singularly and on a multiple scale.

Jordan Provo2

Predominantly decorated in rich shades of the primary palette, the collection of posters range from minimal and monochrome to detailing of psychedelic patterns which somewhat act as a reference to the musical frequencies associated with the client, thus Provo explains the visuals are translations of his personal view of the house and techno music scenes which occupy the Rex Club. The series showcases a striking balance of typography and print, defining both as focal features to result in the aesthetically pleasing and intelligent design Provo has successfully created.

Jordan Provo3

Jordan Provo6

Jordan Provo5

Jordan Provo4

Jordan Provo is currently situated in Paris where he studies at Campus Fonderie de l’Image.

Jordan Provo9

Jordan Provo8

Jordan Provo7

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