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Katerina Kerouli

posted by Marcroy January 17, 2017

Our directory member Katerina Kerouli grew up in Greece until the age of sixteen, “where arts and crafts were non-existent” at her school, so her mum would always try to get her involved with arty activities at home — drawing and making every day. At the age of 16 she moved to England to pursue an artistic career. After graduating from Nottingham University she moved to London where she is now represented by Artist Partners for her illustration work and has been recently commissioned for two children’s books by a global leading publishing house.

“I’d say it’s constantly progressing and changing and haven’t yet nailed a specific ‘style’, maybe because I’m constantly changing myself, finding new inspiration every day and wanting to progress. I find it quite fun being able to try out different ways of illustrating when I can and figuring out new techniques. I’d say currently however, my illustrations can be humorous, innocent yet quite playful.”

“To sum me up, I love being able to try out different styles and solutions to briefs whether it’s design or pure illustration based, but especially like getting hands on, making things and creating print illustrations. I also like line drawings, spotting vintage cars, my purple bike and peas and popcorn (not together). Artists I look up to and someday would love to work with are, Mrs Eaves aka Gemma O’ Brien, Mark Colan and Timba Smits.”



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